Our guide to amazing entrances.

We always tell our clients that first impressions count. Every morning when you wake you take the time to ensure you are well groomed and dressed appropriately for the day ahead. Why don’t we do this for our homes? Entrances in homes set the tone for the “wow” factor of the space. Why not ensure that this small space is presented in a way that impresses and imprints.

If we have you all confused, don’t stress. We are here to make your life easier by giving you top tips every month, working our way through the home.

Tip 1: Front doors are a focal point

Exterior views while approaching a home are just as important as the first interior intake. Ensure that you have a well-groomed landscaped entrance way. Contact Garden Heart for some advice and expert tips. Simple enhancements can make all the difference by placing a good walkway and a stunning front door. We say go large by changing your front door to a large pivot swing door or a double door painted in a fun colour and an awesome feature handle.

Tip 2: Create an entrance zone

Not all of us have the luxury of an entrance room or lobby in our homes. If this is the case try and create an entrance zone in your space by placing a server along the back of a sofa to create a walkway and feature when entering. This creates a good visual when entering whereby you can place some gorgeous welcoming accessories and zone off your more intimate lounge/living area.

Tip 3: Try and create a feature

Whether it be an awesome print wallpaper, large oversized mirror or simply a work of art. Try and create that wow factor that draws the eye to an area of interest in the entrance space. The home is a space where you tell “your story” so add in some family ornaments, pictures, heirlooms etc to this space. It creates a special homely element and creates a home.

Tip 4: Always keep it uncluttered and simple

Add in vases and greenery but keep it fresh and clean. Don’t over clutter the space. Each item needs to be appreciated and taken in as a whole.

Tip 5: Have fun with it

If your family has a fun quirky sense of humour, add in some cool lamps and features into your entrance space. Don’t be boring and follow the norm. Set your entrance apart from the rest. People will remember it and it will set a great tone with your guests.