You find the perfect piece of art. You love it, it’s irresistible and you buy it and take it home. It resonates with you on some level and you can’t wait to hang it! Is there a trick to it? Yes!

Don’t hang your beautiful art wrong

Art is Important. It sets the ambience of the space and reflects the personality of the people occupying it. Don’t make great art look bad by hanging it wrong. Here are our three top tips to do it correctly:

1. Get the Height Right

  • Forget about art being at eye-level – we’re not all the same height anyway.
  • A general rule of thumb is to hang an artwork so the centre is 150cm to 155cm off the ground. This does not work in all situations but it’s a good starting place.
  • When hanging a piece above a dresser, mantlepiece or a couch, it should be around 10cm to 20cm above the piece of furniture. It should also be around 75% of the width of the piece of furniture.

2. Size Matters

Although the bigger a piece of art is, the bigger the price tag is that comes with it, it’s important to take up a much of the wall as possible when hanging your art. Hanging a small piece on a large wall will simply not do it justice. Rather hang it in a smaller space, or group it with other items to create a collected look.

3. 2 as 1

Whether you are hanging two, three or four pieces on the same wall, treat them as one. Make sure they are spaced only a few centimeters apart to create a connected look. This is particularly relevant with gallery walls. You could even use painting tape to create a layout on the wall before you start making holes!