Let’s be honest, every one of us would love an amazing kitchen space within our home. A space that the entire family can flock to for a good meal, a family gathering or a fun baking time with their kids.

When renovating your kitchen into the ‘dream’ kitchen you desire, be sure to follow these tips to help you along the way:

1. Find your inspiration

Start looking online, in magazines and on Pinterest for some great ideas. These images can give you a wonderful idea as to the look and feel that you desire. Create a board of all your pics that you feel inspired by and try and incorporate as many of these into your soon to be designed kitchen space.

2. Take out your measuring tape

Measure your existing kitchen space as well as any additional space that is un-used or in the room next door. If your budget is fairly low, rather stay within the walls of your existing kitchen, however if your budget is able to extend, think outside the box and measure up the room next door to break open this space and create one large open planned kitchen. Be sure to check your Home plans for any structural walls or get an Engineer in to take a closer look before proceeding. The general rule of thumb is as follows: If a wall is 110mm thick, you can generally break this away. However, if it is more than 200mm thick then this is structural and needs to stay or would require additional beam support should it be removed. Be sure to measure up all your windows and doors and make notes of all the heights.

Measure all the placements of your existing services such as your water points (inlets and outlets) as well as all your existing electrical points. If you budget is small, structure your kitchen around these same points. If your budget is larger, position in new points, however, try and keep all water points on external walls for easier plumbing installations.

3. Start drawing and planning

Get your pens, pencil, ruler, tracing paper and scissors and start drawing up your space to scale. To make life easier, purchase a scale ruler from your nearest stationery store. Draw up the walls of your kitchen and show your window and door placement as well as all your services from the points above. Try and use different coloured pens over these lines so that it doesn’t cause you any confusion. For example: Blue for water points and Red for electrical points. Now the fun begins! Move all these pieces around until you find a layout that you like.

4. Ensure that your layout is practical and functional

Always create a ‘working triangle’ by placing your oven, fridge and sink in the 3 corners of the triangle. The triangle doesn’t have to be a perfectly symmetrical triangle however it needs to be a 3-sided figure none the less.

5. Create cabinet space for all items

Try and create cabinet space for all your kitchen items and appliances to fit within. This keeps your surfaces clear of any unnecessary clutter and always makes your kitchen look ready for guests. Even your microwave should be removed from your countertop. Place it in a top microwave unit or place it under counter where it is hidden from view.

6. Do your homework and shop around

Don’t be hasty when it comes to this renovation. Spend time shopping around for good deals and sales on items such as floor tiles, wall tiles, sinks, taps, cabinet handles etc. Every bit of saving will enable you to do so much more with your kitchen space.

7. Find a good team

If you are brave and ready to tackle this renovation on your own, make sure you surround yourselves with an enthusiastic hardworking team that will stick with you until the very end of the project. Delegate roles as this makes the job go so much faster.

8. Make sure you call in professionals where needed

Plumbing and electrics are specialized trades and require certificate sign offs on completion. Be sure to call in the professionals to do these parts of the renovation to ensure that your home is wired and plumbed safely.

9. Tile your floors after you place in your cabinets

This is a trick of the trade. Laying floor tiles after your cabinets are placed is firstly a meterage saver on tiles and secondly a waterproofing tactic to ensure that no spilt water runs and seeps underneath the base of your cabinets creating moisture pockets and odors over time.

10. Love your Kitchen

Now that you have a brand-new kitchen designed, go out and buy it some accessories to liven it up and make it look ‘lived in’. Find some gorgeous new dish towels to add colour as well as a beautiful vase that you can constantly fill with fresh flowers. Adorn your kitchen window with a beautiful Roman blind that can be drawn up during the day and dropped at night when you want some privacy. This will add some warmth into your kitchen and create a less clinical space.

When your renovation timeline is getting you down and all you want is your beautiful kitchen to be finished and complete. Look at your before photos of what your kitchen used to look like and then look to your inspiration board for that extra push. Believe me, it will be well worth it in the end.